Humphreys Peak, Canyon de Chelley

May 1963

By: Harry Melts



Already having done the Grand Canyon traverse some years ago, we decided instead to roam around Arizona, climbing the state's high point, Humphrey Peak, and visiting several national monuments. Humphrey's slopes unfortunately are scarred with ski lifts, the highest taking you up just below Agassiz Peak, which should be climbed before Humphrey. Agassiz affords good views of Humphrey, lying north along a high ridge. After shivering atop Humphrey, we continued on to Canyon de Chelley. A new ruling is in effect there which requires the hiker or the driver to have a Navajo guide at all times when visiting the canyons. The only exception is White House Ruin, just a short hike down from the rim. The fee for the guide is $1.50 per hour. We hiked all day with our efficient guide - De De Bia. It was time and money well spent, De De Bia taking us up and down and in and around the canyon walls along Indian trails. Our main objective was Antelope House Ruins. Canyon de Chelley is different from the other monuments in that within the boundaries live several hundred Navajos.

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