Martinez Mountain


By: John Robinson



22 persons showed up at Pinyon Flats for the combination campers-100 PS-DPS weekend in the Santa Rosas. 5 of the group arrived early enough Saturday afternoon to follow Harry Melts up nearby Asbestos Mountain.

It was clear and slightly breezy as 15 of the participants started out from a clearing just beyond the Dolomite Mine. Several up and down stretches got us to Horsethief Creek, practically dry after 3 years of drought. Cactus Spring, a few miles further along the sandy trail, was bone dry. Beyond Cactus Spring our route along sandy washes and cross country, and then up a steep rock chute to the Martinez plateau. The summit, a 3rd class boulder formation, is in the middle of this semi-flat area.

All 15 made the summit by noon. We retreated a short was below the summit rocks for lunch. A strong cold wind was blowing. The 15 were leader John Robinson, Harry Melts, and Cliff Myers, participants Siina Melts, Bud and Bep Bingham, Barbara Lilley, Vic Metcalfe, Ralph Shankland, Lothar Kolbig, Hugh Kingley, Wallace McArthur, Bob McCrumb, Garver Light, and Monroe Levy.

The tired group reached the cars shortly after 4 p.m., and most of them enjoyed delicious steak dinners together at Buck Dollars Restaurant in San Jacinto enroute home.

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