Avawatz Mountains


By: Bob Bear



25 of us enjoyed a balmy week-end around Death Valley camping, hiking and sightseeing during Lincoln's Birthday. The main event was the climb of Avawatz Peak. One of the more elusive summits on the List of qualifying Desert Peaks. With a 2-1/2 mile head start provided by jeep and pickup truck, 16 persons scrambled and plodded up colorful Sheep Canyon and over the summit plateau to the top in a surprisingly short time. Among those enjoying early lunch with an expensive view beside the 6154' summit bench mark were three youngsters: Kathy and Peter Kent and Betsy Bear.

While most were climbing, five drove over to Shoshone to enjoy the free public swimming pool. Those that were able to spend a third day on the week-end enjoyed the last day cavorting in the sand dunes and taking in other Death Valley attractions.

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