Mount Dubois, Montgomery Peak, Boundary Peak


By: Willard Dean


Thirty-two persons ranging in ages from 9 to 64 gathered at the little general store in Fish Lake Valley the morning of July 3rd. Leaving numerous cars in front of the highway maintenance station near Middle Creek, the Henderson truck and few other cars worked up the canyon to Post Meadow, the starting point. Yours truly and his two small fry plus Mrs. Merton saw the group off after lunch and much discussion on how to lighten packs. Since two of us were staying behind, a car shuttle was worked out that enabled us to move the truck and a car near the end of the road in Middle Canyon. A comparatively short hike up t he beautiful tree-covered canyon brought the group to a perfect campsite in a small bowl just below the ridge joining Pellister Flat. Many thanks to Mary DeDecker and Ed Peterson who patiently identified many of the wildflowers which carpeted much of the Flat. Everyone enjoyed the many streams and waterfalls caused by melting snow for it eliminated carrying water most of the way. 31 persons reached the summit of Dubois about 5 PM Sunday while Ed Peterson and John Nienhuis stayed behind to camp on the Flat. They made the peak early Monday and returned to Post Meadow.

The next morning 22 of the party got up early for a traverse to Montgomery and Boundary Peaks. The rest made a direct descent from Dubois onto Middle Canyon to meet the group coming down the north fork from Boundary. On these last two peaks the seven people who qualified for DPS membership or emblems were Paul and Mary DeDecker, Wallace Smith, Walter Mitchell, Wally Tinsley, John Nienhuis, and Marion Dean. Return to the cars at the highway maintenance station was made about 8 PM Monday, so most of the climbers arrived home Tuesday in the early morning hours. Hats off to Bill and Marge Henderson whose expert leadership enabled all those who so desired to make the peaks without any serious altitude sickness. Among the few persons who stayed overnight there was Wallace Smith who reported he felt an earthquake at 4:15 AM in Fish Lake Valley. It was strong enough to awaken him while sleeping in his car.

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