Mount Mallory, Mount LeConte


By: Bob Bear


Consider now, what a swell trip to Mt. MALLORY Toni Gomero and Ed Peterson led August 4 and 5. Typically fine Sierra weather provided a pleasant respite from mid-summer heat in town. A fine trail led to a beautiful campsite under the pines beside one of the lower Meysan Lakes. Sunrise found us already on our way to attack the 500 foot zone of cliff between Meysen Lake proper and the LeConte Plateau, which constituted the main difficulty of the climb. We were gratified to find two relatively easy routes through the cliffs. Then it was a long walk across the plateau northwest to the base of the rocky summit pyramid. This provided some 500 feet of scrambling over huge rocks, which brought one breathless and relieved to the 13,865 foot summit. Here was enacted the usual scene of registering, lunching, picture-taking, peak identification, complete collapse, foot repairs and self-congratulation. By way of collecting double satisfaction from the trip, your editor made a surprisingly quick side trip to climb Mt. LeConte, which lies a scant mile south of Mallory. Needless to say, I was pleased to discover that the standard, easy route Mt. LeConte was just barely easy enough to allow a solo climb. Shall I say it was a bit sporting!

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